A wonder 
of nature

A treasure kept for 220 million years at a depth of 3,000

meters within everyone´s reach

100% natural
spring salt

Earth, water,
wind and sun

The same traditional methods as 3000 years ago. This is how we make our salt.

The best salt for you and your food

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An incomparable setting

In Navarre, 700 metres above sea level, a brine mountain spring feeds more than 500 salt beds under the expert supervision of our master salt maker, putting our salt in its many different forms within reach.

Discover Ancestral

The brine spring, the salt beds, the environment, our traditional methods, what we are and what we do best: our 100% natural spring salt.


Free of microplastics and nitrites

Pure and natural spring salt of prehistoric origin, uncontaminated by human activity.

Aditive free

It has no anti-caking or bleaching agents and has not undergone any washing process..

Free of any processing

100% hand harvested, it doesn’t undergo any chemical process.

Pure and trace mineral rich

Our salt is pure and rich in minerals and trace elements due to its prehistoric composition of 220 million years ago and its method of production.