Natural Spring Fleur de Sel Flakes

This is our most remarkable product. We obtain it after a slow evaporation process, which is characteristic of days that are not overly warm with a certain relative humidity level. With a southerly or very gentle wind, the flakes that have formed at the bottom of the salt beds are carefully harvested. Harvesting is done with great care so as not to break the flakes. The mineral balance of this salt is perfect—especially rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium.

It’s the perfect finishing touch for dishes that need—aside from a bit of zest—added visual appeal. The flakes readily stand out in any dish due to their size, and as they easily dissolve, they’re a wonderful way to boost flavours. Perfect for fish, meat, foie gras, etc.

Natural Spring Fleur de Sel Flakes – 150g

Our most treasured product. For its packaging, in addition to the cardboard box, it comes in a glass jar to keep the salt flakes intact and in perfect condition. Its packaging makes it easy to add the salt flakes to dishes using your fingers. What’s more, it prevents the product from coming into contact with any plastic.